1. - Chrsyler -

  2. - Radio -

    '…Turn it up, turn it up,

    little bit higher,


    Turn it up,

    that’s enough,

    so you know

    it’s got soul….”

  3. - Chevrolet -

  4. - Lando and Threepio -

      These two guys are the only ones left from my original Star Wars figures from back when.

    Vader, gone. Luke, gone. R2D2 gone. Even Hammerhead and Walrusman…all lost to the sands of time.

      It’s funny what survived and what didn’t. Multiple moves, garage sales, ill advised trades, or just lost or discarded. I wonder what ever happened to my Six Million Dollar Man, or my Evel Knievel?

      What’s left are irreplaceable treasures to me.

  5. comicallyvintage:

    We are doomed.