1. - S’Amazing! -

      Another favourite thing from last years trip.

     12, seeing Niagara Falls for the first time.

      KS had seen the falls before, but it was a new thing for the rest of us. 12 wanted to make the most of it.

      It’s a bit of a walk from where we parked down to where we viewed the falls. 12 knew he was in for a treat, and he wanted the full effect, so he kept his head down, watched his feet the whole way, with KS and I steering him out of harm’s way, leading him down the road. He didn’t cheat at all, all the way down the long road that leads to the viewing area. Kept his head down, excitement building. he could hear the roar of the water, and feel the air change around him as we got closer.

      It did not disappoint.

      I took this picture just as he raised his head to look at the falls.

      We were all blown away by the power of the falls, but 12 and his reaction really made it something even more amazing. I think it’s one of his unique gifts to be able to shut out everything but the thing itself, to focus down to the amazing and ignore everything else.

       He’s never short of finding wonder in the world.


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