1. - Let’s pretend -

    I’ll be a fireman.

    Or a spaceman. Or a cowboy.

    You can be a princess, or a doctor, or a magician or a mechanic, or a superhero or a farmer….


    We can fly to the magical land of Tumblrvania, or we can dive under the sea, to the lost city of Tumblantis, or ride a train to the charming village of tumblrberg.

    And we’ll fight vampires, and witches, and gangsters, and scary clowns. Unless we want to be vampires and witches and gangsters and scary clowns, which will be fun too.

    We can take turns!

    And we can ask all our friends to join in, and they can bring their friends too.

    And we will adventure, and laugh and dare great things, and climb mountains

    OHHH! and pirates! there have to be pirates!

    And then we will eat candy, and Chinese food, and waffles, and chocolates and french fries….

    And Pizza, every flavor, SO MUCH PIZZA!!!

    And we will have all the fun, and no one will ever ever be sad, or sick, or lonely, and if they are, we’ll give them a great big hug and a tickle, and there will be rainbows and everything will be better soon enough.

    It will be so grand!

    Let’s pretend!

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