1. Hi Chicago!

  2. Doin’ the thing

  3. …and, here’s some flowers to distract from the awkwardness of my awkwardness.

  4. Hi. My name is Randy. What’s yours?

      Flights confirmed, packing underway, nerves are all over the place. Super excited about traveling to Chicago, seeing peoples, spending time with friends, eating well. Super nervous about social interactions…

      If you see me in Chicago, I *do* want to say hi to you, give you a hug if that’s your thing, high fives, and so forth, but chances are I’m probably quietly terrified of speaking to you, so please do be gentle, but please, do say hello.

      **Blergh**…getting anxious thinking about it.

      Anyway, I’m planning on having a fun weekend, pushing through the anxiety, and enjoying my time. Last year was just fantastic, my most favouritist internet people will be there, and even if that were not true, my god, THE PIZZA….

      See you there!

  5. - City -

  6. - Another Big Sky -

  7. - On Wing -

  8. - The Palace -

      It’s a nightclub/sports bar now, but once upon a time it was a movie house, with a great balcony. I saw empire and raiders there, up in that balcony, oh so long ago.

  9. - wintersky -

  10. - The guys -