1. - drops of water -

  2. - Rural Crime Watch/Cow Scene Investigation -

  3. - Elbow -

  4. - just slightly after the rain -

  5. - I’ve seen some dark skies -


  6. So this just happened…

    …waiting this morning for the delivery of a new bedframe, headboard, and mattress for 13, who has sprouted in the last few months, and does not fit into his old bed anymore.

    •   delivery window 10:00 to 2:00 - check
    •   call from delivery company at 9:58. Hey, that’s pretty good!
    •   truck going to be here in 7 minutes. Excellent!
    •   run out to meet truck.
    •   truck shows up when the driver says it will. Right on!
    •   Driver - “We are going to be honest with you. You were supposed to get seven pieces with this delivery. Six of the seven pieces are missing, and the mattress is the wrong size, so you will have to return it for the right size. Do you still want us to drop it off for you?”


      OK. Not his fault. Contracted truck company. Go inside. Call the furniture store and find out what happened.

       Walk in the door…”ring ring”…automated message from delivery company…”Would you like to take a short survey on your experience today?”

       Hysterical laughter/sobbing.

       Currently, on hold with furniture store.

  7. GPOYWorkin’

  8. - the road goes on forever -

  9. - buffalo tracks -

  10. - gargoyle -